Tuesday, 3 July 2012

“Isn’t this amazing? A million flowers” -Anna Wintour

 Second pic from Luke Edward Hall's debut menswear collection

    Lindsey <3 

   Ellen von Unwerth’s latest exhibition, “Do Not Disturb!” & Lara Stone in July's   US Vogue.

 Walls of flowers and canary yellow at Raf Simons' Dior debut. 

 Raf's Dior dress brought to mind the magical work of Irish fashion illustrator and designer Miss Kitty Moss.

 More Dior flowers and a pink haired, power dressed Lara Stone in US Vogue. 

    Kate in LOVE

Lara colour clashing her hair & lips perfectly.  

Any Miranda Priestly style mocking of florals were nipped in the bud (sorry!) yesterday as Raf Simons debuted his premiere couture collection for Dior. The set was stunning with each inter-connecting salon covered wall to wall in flowers from pink roses to blue orchids. "Isn’t this amazing? A million flowers…” Anna Wintour was overheard saying to Grace Coddington. I must say I do miss the drama of Galliano, just perhaps not off the Calkwalk...

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