Sunday, 15 April 2012

He who seeks beauty will find it- Bill Cunningham

"The wider world perceives fashion sometimes as a frivolity that should be done away with in the face of social upheavals and problems that are enormous. The point is, in fact, that it’s the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

I watched Bill Cunnigham New York last week and to say it is inspiring is an understatement. Long before fashionable people sauntered around waiting to be snapped by The Sartorialist, they waited for Bill. "We all get dressed for Bill", Anna Wintour claims. However Bill isn’t "interested in celebrities with their free dresses”. "The best fashion show is definitely on the street," he says. "Always has been. Always will be."

It’s more than heartening to see someone with such pure talent seem un-jaded, although completely aware, and still living off his passion into his 80’s, “fashion is my food” he tell us. (I can kind of imagine Kate Moss saying that but with a completely different sentiment.) Here's Bill on his 29th Schwinn bike, the previous 28 were stolen.

In a business where his morals must have been tested many a time, he declares “Money’s the cheapest thing. Freedom is the most expensive.” I won’t say much more except, go to see this documentary at Better Fashion Week if you’re in Dublin on the 29th April. I’m sure Bill would approve of their ethics.

Pics by Bill Cunningham- Bike pic from Tumblr

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